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Masaki Ito

Attorney at Law admitted in Japan
Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association

Masaki Ito

Happiness comes from within. Even in cases that are not profitable, I would dedicate myself to justice and people who need help.

We have addressed more than 1200 cases including litigations and negotiations in wide range of issues: demand for return of loan, collection of bills or others, labor-related dispute of listed company (on behalf of employer), medical lawsuit (on behalf of patients and medical institutions), debt collection (provided, however, that we do not handle overpayment refund claims since we advise bank-related financing company.), software development dispute (We advise the company that develops games and other apps.), real estate related disputes, dispute on behalf of consumer or operator of financial products.

I was a teacher of metropolitan high school until the age of 25 and after retirement, passed the bar examination at the age of 29. We have consulted more than 200 cases on school issues and juvenile cases. We have our own know-how in solving legal problems related to schools, especially in public elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools. There are many solutions such as class change by negotiation and avoidance of dropout.

Even on weekends and holidays, we often work on preparing documents at our office. In case of emergency, please call us several times.

Practice Area​

School and Education
We have consulted over 200 cases on school issues and juvenile cases. Lead by Masaki Ito, a partner attorney who used be a metropolitan high school teacher, we have settled various kinds of legal issues: school entering issue, accident occurred at school, bullying, withdrawal from PTA etc. Please feel free to contact us.
We support our clients flexibly to meet various needs such as drafting and reviewing contracts, confirmations on creating new businesses and legality, preparing various legal opinions, complying with laws and crises managements, research on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and regulations, assisting general meetings of shareholders and the Board of Directors, transferring business, capitalization strategy, and preparing for listing. Our specialist lawyers from diverse backgrounds such as corporate legal firm provide rapid service based on extensive knowledge and experience. Our clients range from start-ups to listed companies. Depending on the amount of work and the content, you can choose the time charge basis, the fixed monthly fee or spot fee. Please feel free to contact us.
M&A and Finance
Legal affairs related to M&A, business transfer and finance, etc. are one of the firm’s focus areas. We have teamed up with lawyers from finance law firm to propose and provide optimal legal services according to the cases. We also handle due diligence regarding cross border M&A which includes many English documents and creating and reviewing English contracts.
Criminal Case
We have handled more than 300 criminal defense cases. Regarding criminal complaints, we have been taken up many cases of prosecution on behalf of victims. In criminal defenses, in the stage before prosecution, we have many cases of release from physical restraint and non-prosecution, at trial, we have gained judgement of not guilty. We also have many cases of dismissal of detention and approval of quasi-appeal, and lay judge trials.
Divorce, Child Support
Money and Problems
Between Men and Women
In the case of divorce, there are several issues such as living expenses until the divorce is finalized, parent-child visitation and etc. In the divorce process, there are several issues such as the distribution of property, consolation money, child custody and child support money. There are many problems to be solved in divorce cases, so please do not worry yourself, please consult with our office. We also respond to multiple issues such as claims for damages in case of: unlawful breach of promise of marriage, relation that assumes marriage despite of married person or being unwilling to marry (problems related to pregnancy/abortion), pregnancy/abortion and affiliation.

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Masaki Ito
Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association
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Weekdays 9:30-21:00
We are also available even on weekends and holidays in case of emergency, so please contact us.
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Same Day Consultation Available, Saturdays Available, Sundays and Holidays Available, Night Time Available (after 6pm), Telephone Counseling Available, E-mail Counseling Available, Women Staff Registered, Parking Available
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Installment Payment Accepted, Later Payment Accepted, Without Retainer Fee Accepted, Only-Contingent Fee Accepted
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Teacher at metropolitan high school
Waseda University, Department of English Language and Literature
Yamanashi Gakuin Law School
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